Theme Release v1.14.0

In this Release:

  • Dynamic Group Health Circle by @prykon
  • Reduce size of Favorite column in on lists page by @kodinkat
  • Add more fields to the user create process by @squigglybob
  • Show more fields in list bulk update options
  • Allow plugin to declare workflows that the user can enable by @kodinkat
  • People Groups workflow by @kodinkat
  • Dev: Task Queuing

Dynamic Group Health Circle


Smaller Favorite Column


Add User Fields


Wokflows declared by plugins

In v1.11 of the Theme we released the ability for the user to create workflows. This allows the user to create a IF - THEN logic flows to help manage Disciple.Tools data. This features allows plugins to add pre-created workflows without necessarily enforcing their use. The Disciple.Tools Admin can choose to enable those that fit their needs the best. An example is the People Groups workflow which we've included in the theme.

People Groups Workflow

This workflow kicks in when adding members to a group. If the member has a people group, then the workflow automatically adds that people group to the group record as well. image people_group_workflow

Dev: Task Queuing

We've bundled in D.T a task queuing process for tasks that can be done in the background or for long processes that need to continue after a request has time out. This feature was made by the folks at Documentation can also be found on that page.

October 12, 2021

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