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Theme Release v1.20.0

January 11, 2022

New in this release

  • New columns in users table by @kodinkat

Fixes and upgrades

  • Fix for updating user language by @micahmills
  • Magic link structure upgrades by @kodinkat
  • Fix mobile view details by @ChrisChasm
  • Fix for getting correct favorited records in list view by @corsacca


New columns in users table

Added filterable Role, Language and Location columns image

Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.19.0

December 6, 2021

New In This Release

  • Filter Notification to ones where you are @mentioned, by @kodinkat


  • Fix places where $amp; is being displayed instead of &
  • Make sure the favorite start shows the right value on the lists page

New Developer Features

  • Magic link upgrade to handle multiple instance of the same magic link
  • Creating a record with a connection to the new record. Documentation

More Information

@Mentions Notification

On your notifications page you can now toggle the @mentions to only show notifications where your are at mentioned by another user. image

Full Changelog

Theme Release v1.18.0

November 24, 2021

New in this release

  • Change field icons by uploading new icons by @kodinkat


  • When creating new contacts the status will be "active" by default for all users
  • Make sure a contact has a status when the contact type is changed to "access"
  • Keep users from inadvertently sharing a contact with another user with better @mention protections
  • Make Critical Path metrics available to multipliers again

Uploading icons

Navigate to the settings for a field: WP Admin > Settings (D.T) > Fields > Select a field And then down to the icon option:


And you'll see the new icon next to the field name:


Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.17.0

November 9, 2021

New In This Release:

  • Metrics page to report on transferred contacts by @kodinkat


  • Make Church Health field icons less transparent by @prykon
  • Fix issue keeping an admin from editing People Groups
  • Fix issue with installing some plugins from the Extensions (D.T) tab
  • Fix issue using Next and Previous buttons on a record in some cases

Transferred Contacts Report

This Metrics page provides a summary on the contacts that have been transferred from your instance to another instance. Showing updates to Statuses, Seeker Paths and Faith Milestones


Theme Release v1.16.0

October 27, 2021

New in this release

  • Show a summary of a transferred contact
  • Add Hungarian language


  • Fix changing user language from the WP Admin
  • Fix showing correct language on the user profile page
  • Fix tile order bug for mobile
  • Fix D.T Admin role being able to create site to site links

Show a summary of a transferred contact

Say we've transferred a contact from site A to site B. The contact on site A is archived, the newly contact on site B continues to be updated.
This feature opens a window on site A to site B to show a summary containing the Contact Status, Seeker Path and Milestones for the conact. This new tile also allows the Admin on site A to send a message to site B. This message will be created as a comment on the contact on site B.


Theme Release v1.15.0

October 21, 2021

In this update

  • Non practiced group health elements are easier to see by @prykon
  • Upgrades to the User Activity Log by @squigglybob
  • Tool to Update Member Counts
  • Link to field settings from help modal
  • Renamed "Reason Closed" field name to "Reason Archived"
  • Sort list table by number column fix
  • Digital Responders are now created with correct access to sources

Developer update

  • Storing and updating extra meta on connection fields

Tool to update member counts

This tool will go through each one of your groups and make sure the member count is up to date. The auto counting stopped working for a few releases on some systems, so use this tool to reset the counts.
Find it here: WP Admin > Utilities (D.T) > Scripts


Sort List table by number fix


Link to field settings from help modal

Here is a quick link to update a field's settings right from the contact or group record. Click the Help icon and then Edit next to the field name.


Make sure Digital Responders are created with correct access to sources

Since 1.10.0 creating a user with the Digital Responder role created a user without access to any contacts. The Digital Responder can be configured to only have access to certain contact Sources. New Digital Responders now have access to all Sources by default.
Access by sources Documentation:

Storing and updating extra meta on connection fields

We've expanded the D.T API to support adding and updating meta data on field connections. This will let us add a "Reason Subassigned" option when adding a contact in the "Sub-assigned to" field or extra data for each member of a group.
See Documentation:

Theme Release v1.14.0

October 12, 2021

In this Release:

  • Dynamic Group Health Circle by @prykon
  • Reduce size of Favorite column in on lists page by @kodinkat
  • Add more fields to the user create process by @squigglybob
  • Show more fields in list bulk update options
  • Allow plugin to declare workflows that the user can enable by @kodinkat
  • People Groups workflow by @kodinkat
  • Dev: Task Queuing

Dynamic Group Health Circle


Smaller Favorite Column


Add User Fields


Wokflows declared by plugins

In v1.11 of the Theme we released the ability for the user to create workflows. This allows the user to create a IF - THEN logic flows to help manage Disciple.Tools data. This features allows plugins to add pre-created workflows without necessarily enforcing their use. The Disciple.Tools Admin can choose to enable those that fit their needs the best. An example is the People Groups workflow which we've included in the theme.

People Groups Workflow

This workflow kicks in when adding members to a group. If the member has a people group, then the workflow automatically adds that people group to the group record as well. image people_group_workflow

Dev: Task Queuing

We've bundled in D.T a task queuing process for tasks that can be done in the background or for long processes that need to continue after a request has time out. This feature was made by the folks at Documentation can also be found on that page.

Theme Release v1.13.2

October 4, 2021


  • New fields in the User Management section
  • Enable bulk updating with tags and multi_selects


  • Fix clicking on a tag to get a filtered list
  • Fix creating multi_select filters

User Management

Let the Admin update values for a user.

  • User Display Name
  • Location Responsibility
  • Languages Responsibility
  • Gender


Clicking on a tag to create a filtered list


Theme Release v1.13.0

September 21, 2021

In this release:

  • Added a Donation link to the WP Admin setup wizard
  • Setting to let multipliers invite other multipliers by @squigglybob
  • Upgraded Assignment Tool by @corsacca
  • Personal Metrics Activity Log by @squigglybob
  • Dev: Preference for using black .svg icons and using css to color them

Letting multipliers invite other multipliers

Previously only Admins could add users to D.T. This new feature lets any multiplier to invite other users to Disciple.Tools as multipliers. To enabled the setting to to WP Admin > Settings (D.T) > User Preferences. Check the "Allow multipliers to invite other users" box and click Save. To invite a new user, a multiplier can: A. Click on your name in the top right to go to you profile settings, and click on "Invite user" from the left menu. B. Go to a contact and click on "Admin actions > Make a User from this contact".

image image

Upgraded Assignment Tool

We've build an assigment tool to help you match your contacts to the right multiplier. Choose Multipliers, Dispatchers or Digital Responders, and filter the users based on activity, or the contact's location, gender or language.


Activity Feed

See a list of your recent activity on the Metrics > Personal > Activity Log


Icons and colors

We've changed most icons to be black and update their color using the css filter parameter. For instructions see:

Theme Release v1.12.3

September 16, 2021


  • Upgrade language selection tool to not depend on an api call
  • Show active plugin install count on extensions tab
  • Auto focus name on new record creation


  • Fix bug blocking assignment notification when a contact is created.
  • run tests for php 8
  • Let get multiselect endpoint return private tags

Plugin install count on extensions tab