Theme Release v1.49

September 22, 2023

What's Changed

  • SSO Login - Login with Google or other providers


  • Locations: Fix issue keeping locations from being displayed installing more locations layers
  • Metrics: Fix switching data on metrics hover maps
  • Metrics: Fix Field Activity > Creation Date
  • Metrics: Genmapper > Ability to create children and to focus on a record's tree.
  • Metrics: Field Charts: make sure connection fields number are correct
  • Lists: Remember what filter was previously displayed


SSO Login

Disciple.Tools can now integrate with Google Firebase to enable easier login.

See documentation for setup.


Help wanted

Consider helping us finish funding on a upcoming mapping feature:

Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.48

September 14, 2023

What's Changed

  • Metrics: Click on metrics to see related records
  • Records: Clean up new record activity
  • Remove iThemes security from suggested plugins


  • List: Fix for archived toggle
  • Records: Fix Customizing field order
  • Metrics: Fix for milestones chart data
  • More fixes


Clickable Metrics (Dynamic Section)

We're upgrading the Dynamic Metrics section to make the charts clickable.

Here we can see that in January there were 5 Paused contacts:

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 10 36 03 AM

To dig deeper, click on the chart to see which records those 5 were:


New Activity Clean Up

Here is an example of what the activity and comments looks like before on a webform submission:

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 12 43 39 PM

Now it is much tidier:


Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.47

August 21, 2023

What's Changed

  • New Date & Time field
  • New Users table
  • Allow roles to be edited in Settings (D.T) > Roles
  • Metrics > Field Activity: Fix for some rows not showing
  • Fix for display of People Groups tab in the Navigation bar

Dev Changes

  • Functions to use local storage instead of cookies for client configurations.
  • Shared escape function instead of lodash.escape


New Date & Time field

We've had the "Date" field since the start. You now have the ability to create a "Datetime" field. This simply add a time element when saving a date. Great for saving meeting times, appointments, etc.


Users Table

The Users table has been rewritten in order to work on system with 1000s of users. Additionally a plugin can add or remove desired table columns.


Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.45

August 3, 2023

What's Changed

  • Create new record types and customize role access.
  • Bulk Delete records
  • Bulk Unshare records
  • Fix for merging records not removing connections

Creating new record types

So you have Contacts and Groups out of the box. If you have played around with D.T plugins, you may have seen other record types like Trainings. This feature gives you the power of a plugin and lets you create your own record type. Go to WP Admin > Customizations (D.T) and click "Add New Record Type".


Setup tiles and fields:


And see it appear beside your other record types:


Record Type Role Configuration.

Want to configure which users can access your new record type? Head to the Roles tab. By default the Administrator has all the permissions. Here we will give the Multiplier the ability to View and Manage meetings they have access to, and the ability to create meetings:


Bulk Delete Records

Use the More > Bulk Edit tool to select and delete multiple records. Great when multiple contacts are created by accident and need to be removed. image

Note, this feature is only available to users that have the "Delete any record" (see above).

Bulk Unshare Records.

Use the More > Bulk Edit tool to remove shared access for a user to multiple records. Check the "Unshare with selected user" box.

Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.44

July 31, 2023

What's Changed

  • Show a generational tree for more connection fields by @kodinkat
  • Dynamic Metrics Section by @kodinkat
  • API list records optimization by @cairocoder01

Dynamic Generational tree

Display a generational tree for connection fields on any record type. The connection must be from a record type, to the same record type. Find this tree under Metrics > Dynamic Metrics > Generation Tree. image

Dynamic Metrics

Here is a metrics section with more flexibility. You choose the record type (contacts, groups, etc) and the field and find answers to your questions. Help us bring more charts and maps here. image

Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.43

July 24, 2023

PHP versions supported: 7.4 to 8.2

We've added support for PHP 8.2. Disciple.Tools will no longer officially support PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3. This is a great time to upgrade if you are running an old version.

Other Changes

  • Record tasks can now be show on the record lists page
  • Settings to bypass D.T's API restrictions in WP Admin > Settings > Security
  • Fixes to role permissions

Full Changelog: Integration

June 27, 2023

Join us in celebrating the release of the Disciple.Tools (formerly integromat) integration! See the integration page on

This integrations lets other apps connect to Disciple.Tools. This first version is limited to the creation of contact or groups records.

A couple possible scenarios:

  • Google Forms. Create a contact record when a google form is filled out.
  • Create a contact record for each new mailchimp subscriber.
  • Create a group when a certain slack message is written.
  • Endless possibilites.

See setup video and further documentation.

Find this integration useful? Have questions? Let us know in the github discussions section.

Theme Release v1.42

June 23, 2023

What's Changed

  • Ability to set favicon
  • User password reset email
  • Fix issue where some admin roles could gain more permissions.
  • Add invitation to the D.T Summit


Ability to set favicon

You can use the wordress settings to add a favicon. It will now show correctly on D.T pages. Go to WP Admin > Appearance > Customize. This will open the front end theme menus. Go to Site Identity. Here you can upload a new site icon:


Browser tabs will show the icon:


User password reset email

Help a user reset their password. Got to the settings gear > Users. Click on the user and find the User Profile section. Click Email Passmord Reset to send the user the email needed to reset their password. Alternatively they can do it themselves.


Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.41

June 12, 2023

New Features

  • Metrics: Activity During Date Range (@kodinkat)
  • Customizations (D.T): Section updates and fixes
  • Customizations (D.T): Font-icon picker (@kodinkat)
  • Settings To Disable New User Mention Notifications (@kodinkat)


  • Settings(D.T): Fix saving field settings and translations (@kodinkat)
  • Workflow: better handle "not equals" and "not contains" when field is not set (@cairocoder01)


Metrics: Activity During Date Range

Want to know what contacts changed assignment in July? Which groups were marked as being a church this year? Which contacts user X baptized since February?

You can now find out by heading to Metrics > Project > Activity During Date Range. Select the record type, the field and the date range.


Customizations (D.T) Beta: Font-icon picker

Instead of finding and uploading an icon for a field, choose from many available "Font Icons". Lets change the "Groups" field icon:


Click "Change Icon" and search for "group":


Select the Group icon and click Save. And here we have:


Settings To Disable New User Mention Notifications

When a user is invited to D.T they get 2 emails. One is the default WordPress email with their account information. The other is a welcome email from D.T with a link to their contact record. These settings enable the admin to disable those emails. image