New Ministry Partner Hosting Solutions

December 5, 2022

A trusted partner of Disciple.Tools has decided to offer managed hosting.  We have worked with this team for a number of years and are excited that this business-as-mission initiative can help serve the Kingdom.  Their team is located in a sensitive part of North Africa and is currently using some of the same M2M and DMM methodologies as many of you.

Services & Features

  • Data housed in US Servers (Digital Ocean)
    • GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliant
  • Email distribution (Amazon -AES)
  • General Domain with custom subdomain (custom domain available upon request)
  • Single or Network (up to 20 sub-sites) or Enterprise (20+ sub-sites)
  • SSL Security Certificate – Encryption in transmission 
  • 2-step authenticator security feature
  • Training/Assistance with site customization (Not execution of customization)
  • Tech support


Single Site – $60 Monthly

One site for your ministry/team – no connected sites (no transfer of contacts)

Network Site – $100 Monthly

Multiple connected sites (up to 20) – allows for transfering of contacts and administrator oversight for all connected sites

Enterprise Site – (Prices Vary)

21-50 subsites – $150 monthly

50-75 subsites – $200 monthly

100+ subsites – TBD

Next Steps

Click Here to fill out the form to officially request hosting service:

Disciple.Tools Webform v5.7 – Shortcodes

December 5, 2022

Avoid duplicates on form submittion

We've added a new option to reduce the number of duplicate contacts in your D.T instance.

Normally, when a contact submits their email and/or phone number a new contact record is created in Disciple.Tools. Now when the form is submitted we have the option to check if that email or phone number already exists in the system. If no matches are found, it creates the contact record as usual. If it finds the email or phone number, then it updates the existing contact record instead and adds the submitted info.


The form submittion will @mention the assigned to all record the form contents:


Theme Release v1.33.0

November 28, 2022


  • Switching from for translations to
  • Ability to hide a tile based on custom conditions
  • Use locations in workflows
  • Remove items in workflows


API: Ability to check if a contact email or phone already exists before creating a contact.


  • Fix deleting a report in the WP Admin
  • Fix nothing happening when updating a comment
  • Load metrics faster when there are a lot of groups
  • set D.T to not cache pages to avoid showing outdated data in some cases.


Translations with

We moved translation of Disciple.Tools from poeditor to a new system called weblate found here:

Would you like to help us test it out on the theme? You can create an account here: And then find the theme here: For documentation have a look at:

Why Weblate? Weblate offers us a few advantages that we couldn't take advantage of with Poeditor.

  • Reusing translations or copying translations from similar strings.
  • Better wordpress compatibility checks.
  • Ability to support many plugins. We are excited about this capacity to bring many D.T plugin to other languages as well.

Ability to hide a tile based on custom conditions

After customizing your Disciple.Tools instance with more fields and tiles, it can become useful to only sometimes display a tile with a group of fields. Example: Lets only show the Follow Up tile when the contact is active.

We can find this setting at WP Admin > Settings (D.T) > Tiles tab. Select the Follow Up tile.

Here, under Tile Display, we can select Custom. Then we add the Contact Status > Active display condition and save.


Use locations in workflows

When using workflows to automatically update records, we can now add and remove locations. Example: if a contact is in location "France", when can auto assign the contact to Dispatcher A.

Remove items in workflows

We can now use workflows to remove more items. Contact is archived? Remove the custom "follow-up" tag.

API: Check if a contact email or phone already exists before creating a contact.

Currently used by the webform plugin. Normally filling out the webform creates a new contact. With the check_for_duplicates flag, the API will search for the matching contact and update it instead of creating a new contact. If no matching contact is found, then a new one is still created.

See docs for the API flag.

See all changes since 1.32.0 here:

Theme Release v1.32.0

October 10, 2022


  • New Link field type
  • People Groups in Core
  • D.T Usage


  • Filter for registered D.T plugins
  • Ability to update a duplicate record instead for creating a new one


New Link field type

One field to hold many values. Like the phone number or email address fields, but customizable to your needs.

Peek 2022-10-10 12-46

People Groups

Enable the People groups tab in WP Admin > Settings > General to display the people groups UI. This replaces the people groups plugin. image

D.T Usage

We've updated how we collect telemetry on Disciple.Tools to include countries and languages used. For more information, and for the ability to opt out. See WP Admin > Utilities (D.T) > Security

Filter for registered D.T plugins

Ping the dt-core/v1/settings endpoint to get a list of registered D.T plugins. Docs.

Ability to update a duplicate record instead for creating a new one

When creating a post, used the check_for_duplicates url parameter to search for duplicates before creating a new post.

See documentation

Theme Release v1.31.0

September 21, 2022


  • Mapping v2 Upgrade by @ChrisChasm
  • Always show record name in details tile by @corsacca
  • Show clickable connection fields it details tile by @corsacca


  • Fix error sending daily email digest
  • Let strategist see the Critical Path metrics again
  • Upgrade Release modal by @prykon


  • Use Github Actions instead of Travis. Available from the Starter Plugin


Mapping v2 Upgrade

  • Updated map polygons
  • Updated population counts
  • One place to install more administrative levels (lower than the state level) in WP Admin > Mapping > Levels

Github Actions

Developers can now enjoy code style and security checks out of the box when creating a plugin from the Disciple.Tools starter plugin

See full changelist:

Theme Release v1.30.0

August 10, 2022

What's New

  • Status Indicators on records by @kodinkat
  • Font Icon Selector by @kodinkat
  • List Filters: Add ability to exclude field values by @kodinkat
  • List Filters: search for field by @kodinkat
  • Custom Workflows: action to set current date by @cairocoder01
  • Custom Workflows: workflow updates show as being done by the workflow name in activity by @kodinkat


  • Custom Workflows: fix infinite updating loop by @kodinkat
  • Merging: fix to keep email or phone from being removed by @kodinkat
  • Merging: fix for when a connection field is not available by @corsacca


Status Indicators on records

See the record status in Advanced Search or in record lists




Font Icon Selector

Used in the field updating section WP Admin > Settings (D.T) > Fields This gives us the ability to choose the field icon by selecting from a list of existing icons.


Exclude Filters

Chose items to exclude when creating a custom filter exclude

Filters Search for fields

Type to search for the field you are looking for filters-search

Theme Release v1.29.0

June 14, 2022

What's Changed

  • Add flags to the language dropdown by @kodinkat
  • New Merge Interface for All Post Types by @kodinkat


  • Make sure hidden fields are hidden on new post page by @corsacca
  • Show more results in advanced search by @corsacca
  • Show Notification when adding users in disabled on a multisite by @kodinkat
  • Fix tile title translations by @corsacca
  • fix for number fields with a min or max limit by @squigglybob


  • Option to geocode an address to a location when creating or updating a record @kodinkat
  • Ipstack api fix by @ChrisChasm
  • pre-commit hook to run phcbf fixing phpcs styling issues by @squigglybob


Add flags to the language dropdown by @kodinkat


New Merge Interface for All Post Types by @kodinkat

Merge Contacts, Groups or any record type with another record. On any record click the "Admin Action" dropdown and then "Merge with another record".


Option to geocode an address to a location when creating or updating a record @kodinkat

See docs.

$fields = [
  "contact_address" => [
    ["value" => "Poland", "geolocate" => true] //create

Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.28.0

May 25, 2022


  • Custom number field by @squigglybob
  • Draggable field options by @kodinkat
  • Better Custom Translations Interface by @kodinkat
  • Magic Link Apps tile help documentation @squigglybob


  • Fix for the dispatcher being able to access the users list


Custom number field

Use the WP Admin Fields UI to create custom number fields.


Give the number field upper and lower bounds:



Draggable field options

Break free from endless clicking; change the order of your field options by dragging them!


Better Custom Translations Interface


Theme Release v1.27.0

May 11, 2022

What's Changed

  • Upgrade list filters to show in the browser URL by @squigglybob
  • Collapse list filter tile by default on mobile view by @squigglybob
  • Simplify from 5 Spanish translations to 2 translations by @prykon
  • Group list page actions in a "More" dropdown by @prykon
  • Upgrade Field Explorer tool with edit field links and field icons by @squigglybob


  • Allow field icons to be changed on all fields by @kodinkat
  • Make sure comments filter is always visible in the comments and activity section on a record by @squigglybob
  • Keep from displaying empty tiles on the group record @squigglybob
  • Bulk record creating: make sure now rows have the same fields by @kodinkat


Upgrade list filters to show in the browser URL

The url for the lists page will now look something like this:

The query above is for "All contacts in the Location: France". If you copy everything starting with ?queue and add it to your domain, you also will have the "Locations: France" filter. This might not look pretty but comes with some useful features.

  • More flexibility saving and bookmarking filters
  • Easier to share the filter with someone else on your team. For them to view or to save
  • More options to open up the list page form different parts of Disciple.Tools like the metrics page.

Group list page actions in a "More" dropdown


Upgrade Field Explorer tool with edit field links and field icons

Find the Field Explorer under WP Admin > Utilities (D.T) > Field Explorer


New role and capabilities manager in D.T 1.26.0

The new role manager, located inside the admin “Settings” menu, allows for the creation and management of custom user roles. Roles can be assigned to a users to limit or grant access to Disciple.Tools capabilities. Capabilities can be registered by theme and extension developers. See WP Admin > D.T Settings > Roles.

See this awesome loom by @incraigulous for a walk-through on how to use the role and capabilities manager:

Full Changelog: