Magic Link Plugin v1.17

June 8, 2023

Scheduling and Subassigned Templates

Automatic Link Scheduling

This upgrade lets you chose the next time the links will automatically be sent. The Frequency settings will determine when the subsequent runs will happen.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 14 39 44

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 14 40 16

Subassined Contacts Template

We have a contact record for our coworker Alex. This feature create a magic link for Alex to update the contacts that are subassigned to him.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 14 40 42

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 14 41 01

Alex's Magic Link


Theme Release v1.40.0

May 5, 2023

What's Changed

  • Lists page: "Split By" Feature
  • Lists page: Load More button now adds 500 records instead of 100
  • People groups: Ability to install all People Groups
  • People groups: New people groups are installed with country geolocated
  • Customizations (D.T): Ability to delete Tiles. Show Field Type
  • Customizations (D.T): Show field type when editing a field
  • Record page: Change activity for some connection to other records to include record type
  • Keep duplicate Email or Phones number from being created.
  • Fix: Merging records fix for Assigned To
  • API: Login from mobile now returns correct error codes.
  • API: Tags are available in the settings endpoint
  • API: "corresponds to contact" info added to user endpoint


Lists page: Split By Tile

This feature works on any list and filter you have selected. Select a field like "Contact status" and see how many times each status is used in your list.


Narrow down you report with a custom filter, say "contacts created last year", and see the list by status or location, or which users are assigned, or anything you chose.

Then click on one of the rows to only show those records in the List section


Full Changelog:

D.T Webform Plugin Version 6

May 4, 2023

New Features

  • Redirect on webform submit
  • Custom multi-select checkboxes
  • Page the webform was submitted on
  • Magic Link Webform

Option to redirect on success

Have a special landing page you'd like users to go to after submitting their form? Now you can! Just add the url to the webform settings and when the user submits the form, they will be redirected to that page.


Custom Multiselect Checkboxes

Add a field with multiple Selectable Checkboxes


To create, click the "Add Other Fields" and select "Multi-select checkboxes". Then add the options.



Page the webform was submitted on.

This will help you if you are using the webform on a remote site as a shortcode.


Magic Link Webform page

Previously the direct link to a webform looked like this:


It would sometimes get blocked by security plugins. It now looks like:


CSV Import Plugin v1.2

May 4, 2023

Do you LOVE CSVs?

Well... importing a CSV into Disciple.Tools just got better.

Introducing: Contact Duplicate Checking!

I'll set the stage. I just imported 1000 contacts with email address into Disciple.Tools. Yay!

But wait... I forgot that I also wanted to import the phone number column as well. Ok, now let me DELETE the 1000 contacts and start again.

But wait! What's this?


I can upload the CSV again and let Disciple.Tools find the contact by the email address and update it instead of creating a new one! While I'm at it, I'll add a tags column to the CSV and a 'import_2023_05_01' tag to all the contacts so I can refer back to them if needed.

And here are some of the previous updates

Geolocate Addresses

If you have a Mapbox or Google mapping key installed,


Then we can add a few addresses to our CSV and have Discple.Tools geocode them as they come in. One advantage is letting us show the records on maps in the Metrics section. image

Disciple.Tools Hosting with Crimson

April 19, 2023

Disciple.Tools has partnered with Crimson to provide a managed hosting option to our users. Crimson provides business-grade managed hosting solutions to organizations large and small while utilizing the fastest and most secure technology available.  Crimson also supports the mission of Disciple.Tools and has dedicated their company to directly influencing the discipleship movement across the globe.

Services & Features

  • Data housed in US Servers
  • Daily backups
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • Single Instance (inside a network), Single Site or Multi-site options.
  • Option for a custom domain name (single site & multi-site)
  • SSL Security Certificate – Encryption in transmission 
  • Assistance with site customization (Not execution of customization)
  • Tech support


Disciple Tools Starter – $20 USD Monthly

A single instance inside of a network. No option for custom domain name or 3rd party plugins.

Disciple Tools Standard – $25 USD Monthly

A standalone site with the option for a custom domain name, 3rd party plugins. Can be upgraded to a multi-site (network) platform in the future.

Disciple Tools Organization – $50 USD Monthly

A network platform with multiple connected sites (up to 20) – allows for transfering of contacts and administrator oversight for all connected sites. Option for custom domain name, administrator control of 3rd party plugins for all sites.

Disciple Tools Enterprise  – $100 USD Monthly

Up to 50 network sites. Each site beyond 50 is an additional $2.00 USD per month.

Next Steps

Visit to set up your account. Once you make your purchase, sites are set up within 24 hrs.

Survey Collection Plugin

April 7, 2023

Attention all Disciple.Tools users!

We are happy to announce the release of our new survey collection and reporting plugin.

This tool helps ministries collect and present the activity of their team members, enabling you to track both lead and lag metrics. With regular collection from the field, you’ll get better data and trends than sporadic and infrequent collection.

This plugin gives each team member their own form to report their activity, and automatically sends them a link to the form every week. You’ll be able to see a summary of each member’s activity and give each member a summary of their activity on their dashboard.

Additionally, this plugin allows you to work and celebrate together with the combined metrics summary on the global dashboard.

We encourage you to check out the documentation for more information on how to set up the plugin, add team members, view and customize the form, and auto-send email reminders. We welcome your contributions and ideas in the Issues and Discussions sections of the GitHub repository.

Thanks for using Disciple.Tools, and we hope you enjoy this new feature!

Thank you Team Expansion for funding a portion of the development! We invite you to give if you are interested in contributing towards this plugin or supporting the creation of more like it.

Theme Release v1.39.0

April 3, 2023

New Features

  • Export/Import D.T Settings by @kodinkat
  • New DT Settings by @prykon
  • Invalid Magic link page by @kodinkat


  • Better name search in typeahead fields by @kodinkat
  • Enabled Clickable Typeahead Multi Select Filter Queries by @kodinkat
  • Get all history and people in Revert Bot modal


Export/Import D.T Settings

Want to copy your Disciple.Tools setup to a new D.T site? Export any new Tiles or fields or changes you've made to them. Then upload your export to the new site.

image image

Read more:

Magic link Landing Page

If you are using magic links and the link has expired or the wrong link has been entered we'll now see this page instead of the login screen.


New Customizations (D.T) section (Beta)


We revamped the way to create tiles, fields, and field options. You can now use the intuitive user interface to create, edit, and sort these customizations for all post types. Find out the details in the user docs.

Full Changelog:

Theme Release v1.38.0

March 16, 2023

What's New

  • Upgrade WP Admin > Extension (D.T) tab with search and beautiful cards by @prykon
  • Metrics: See number fields in 'Fields over Time' by @corsacca
  • Revert Record Back In Time Shape by @kodinkat
  • Tile Settings: Ability to delete a tile
  • Field Settings: Ability to make a field hidden or not hidden


  • Keep current sort order when doing a search on the list page by @corsacca
  • Ability to clear/delete a number field when using min > 0 by @kodinkat
  • Fix for locations sometimes being the wrong place
  • Make more strings translatable


Upgrade WP Admin > Extension (D.T) tab with search and beautiful cards


Revert Record Back In Time Shape by @kodinkat

On any record, use the "Admin Actions" dropdown > "View Record History" to open the history modal. It gives a more detailed view of the record's activity, it lets us filter to certain days, and it lets up revert changes that were made.


We can roll back the record's field changes. Select the last "good" activity and click the roll back button.


See more here.

Metrics: See number fields in 'Fields over Time'

Let's look at the Group "Member Count" sum across all groups


Full Changelog:

Magic Links

March 10, 2023

Curious about Magic Links? Heard about them before?

A magic link might look like this:

Clicking the link will open a browser page with anything from a form to complex application.

It might look like this:

The cool part: Magic links give the user a quick and secure way to interact with a simplified view without having to log in.

Read more about magic links here: Magic Links Intro

Magic Link Plugin

We’ve created a way for you to build your own magic like the Contact Info one above.

You can find it in the Magic Link Sender Plugin under the Extensions (D.T) > Magic Links > Templates tab.


Build a new template and select the wanted fields:

For more see the Magic Link Templates Docs.


Want to automatically send your magic link out to users or contacts on a regular basis? That is also possible!

See how to set up scheduling: Magic Link Scheduling Docs

Questions or Ideas?

Join the discussion here: