Theme Release v1.13.2

October 4, 2021


  • New fields in the User Management section
  • Enable bulk updating with tags and multi_selects


  • Fix clicking on a tag to get a filtered list
  • Fix creating multi_select filters

User Management

Let the Admin update values for a user.

  • User Display Name
  • Location Responsibility
  • Languages Responsibility
  • Gender


Clicking on a tag to create a filtered list


Theme Release v1.13.0

September 21, 2021

In this release:

  • Added a Donation link to the WP Admin setup wizard
  • Setting to let multipliers invite other multipliers by @squigglybob
  • Upgraded Assignment Tool by @corsacca
  • Personal Metrics Activity Log by @squigglybob
  • Dev: Preference for using black .svg icons and using css to color them

Letting multipliers invite other multipliers

Previously only Admins could add users to D.T. This new feature lets any multiplier to invite other users to Disciple.Tools as multipliers. To enabled the setting to to WP Admin > Settings (D.T) > User Preferences. Check the "Allow multipliers to invite other users" box and click Save. To invite a new user, a multiplier can: A. Click on your name in the top right to go to you profile settings, and click on "Invite user" from the left menu. B. Go to a contact and click on "Admin actions > Make a User from this contact".

image image

Upgraded Assignment Tool

We've build an assigment tool to help you match your contacts to the right multiplier. Choose Multipliers, Dispatchers or Digital Responders, and filter the users based on activity, or the contact's location, gender or language.


Activity Feed

See a list of your recent activity on the Metrics > Personal > Activity Log


Icons and colors

We've changed most icons to be black and update their color using the css filter parameter. For instructions see:

Theme Release v1.12.3

September 16, 2021


  • Upgrade language selection tool to not depend on an api call
  • Show active plugin install count on extensions tab
  • Auto focus name on new record creation


  • Fix bug blocking assignment notification when a contact is created.
  • run tests for php 8
  • Let get multiselect endpoint return private tags

Plugin install count on extensions tab


Theme Release v1.12.0

September 9, 2021


  1. Bulk add comments to records by @micahmills.
  2. List filter search for records "without" a certain connection (like coach) by @squigglybob.
  3. List filter icons next to field names by @squigglybob.
  4. Fix using comment reactions on safari and ios by @micahmills.
  5. Global search: start typing right away and choose what to search by @kodinkat.
  6. D.T release notifications modal by @corsacca.
  7. Extensions (DT) tab has a new look with all plugins available by @prykon
  8. Usage reporting to visualize which plugins and mapping strategies are being used.


  1. Fix for loading more web notifications by @kodinkat.
  2. Fix bug keeping multipliers from updating the locations they are responsible for.


  1. Conditionally show tiles with the display_for parameter
  2. New capability to check if the user can access the D.T front end: access_disciple_tools

1. Adding comments in bulk


2. and 3. List filter icons and without connections

Here we are creating a filter to search for all contact that to not have a "Coached By" connection


4. Comment reaction


5. Global search


6. Release Notification Modal

You have probably noticed this already, or might be reading this from it right now. When the theme is updated you might see a summary of the changes in a modal like this one when logging in to your Disciple.Tools:


7. and 8. Check out the new Extension Tab for the WP-Admin section

Now admin can browser and install any of the plugin that are on Disciple.Tool's plugins list from


Theme Release v1.11.0

August 25, 2021

In this update

  • We added a D.T News feed on the WP Admin Dashboard. By @prykon.
  • Batched notification setting. By @squigglybob.
  • If this then that workflow and automation builder. By @kodinkat.
  • Fix 4 fields tiles and add documentation
  • Custom connection fields upgrade
  • Dev: Clickable links in tile help descriptions modal

Batched Notification Setting

We've added the option to receive all notifications in one email every hour or day instead each notification right away. Available under your profile settings (your name in the top right) and scroll down to the Notifications:


Workflow Automation

The new workflow automation tool adds the ability to set defaults to contacts and update fields when certain actions happen. This makes what previously needed a programmer and a custom plugin available for anyone to use. Examples:

  • Assigning contacts based on locations
  • Sub-assigning contacts based on languages
  • Adding a tag when a group reaches a certain health metric
  • When a Facebook contact is assigned to x, also subassign y.
  • When a member is added to a group, check the "in group" milestone on the member contact record
  • When a contact is created and no people group is assigned, automatically add people group z.

Find this tool under WP Admin > Settings (DT) > Workflows

When a contact is created from Facebook: image Assign it to Dispatcher Damian image

Four fields

image (1)

Custom connection fields

We can now create custom connection fields that are unidirectional. This will work like the subassigned field. This lets us link one contact record to other contacts while keeping that connection from showing on the other contacts.

image image

Custom connections fields can be created from WP Admin > Settings (DT) > Fields

Clickable links in tile help descriptions

DT will automatically look for urls in tile descriptions and replace them with clickable links.

Theme Release v1.10.0

August 10, 2021


  • Better "New User" workflow
  • Translated "New User" email by @squigglybob
  • Making sure email notification get sent in the right language by @squigglybob
  • Disable more of WP's inbuilt API for security
  • Setup Wizard Instructions on disabling built in WP CRON and enabling alternate cron
  • Prep for php8 by @squigglybob

New user workflow

We've disabled the WP Admin > New User screen to only use the "Add User" screen on the front end. Trying to access WP Admin > New User will redirect to user-management/add-user/ This give us

  • One interface
  • Better control over what emails are sent out.
  • Translated emails
  • Less confusion on multisite between "Existing Users" and "New Users"


List of all changes:

Theme Release v1.8.0

July 13, 2021


Front porch: Initial code for setting up a “home” webpage
Custom Fields: Connection. Create your own connection fields


Mapping: Test Geo-location Key when adding it
Better login workflow to remember target url
Merging: All fields should now merge correctly
Fix bug keeping the Digital Responder from seeing all contacts
Top Nav Bar: collapse extra tabs into a dropdown
More Bug fixes

Disciple.Tools Dark-Mode is here! (Beta)

July 2, 2021

Chromium based browsers now come with an experimental Dark-Mode feature for every site one visits. This also applies to Disciple.Tools and if you want to make your dashboard look high-tech, this is your chance.

In order to enable Dark-Mode, follow these steps:

  1. In a Chromium based browser such as Chrome, Brave, etc. write this in the address bar:
  2. In the dropdown, select one of the Enabled options
  3. Relaunch the browser

There are several variants. No need to click them all, you can see them below!



Enabled with simple HSL-based inversion

Enabled with simple CIELAB-based inversion

Enabled with simple RGB-based inversion

Enabled with selective image inversion

Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements

Enabled with selective inversion of everything

Remember you can always opt-out by setting the dar-mode option back to Default.

Theme Release: v1.7.0

May 27, 2021

Ability to filter for “any” connection of a connection field. Ex searching for all contacts that have a coach. by @squigglybob
Ability to favorite contacts and groups. by @micahmills
Ability to change multi_select field icons (like Faith Milestones). By @cwuensche
Upgrades to dropdown field with a default “empty” value and the ability to filter for “no” value

Upgrade magic url classes and add example to starter plugin
Ability to add user apps (features that a user can enable).