Theme Release: v0.32.0

September 15, 2020
  • Contact Duplicate Checker and Merging Upgrade
  • List Filter fixes
  • Allow typing Arabic or Persian numbers and dates into Date fields by @micahmills
  • Site link tweaks for IP filtering
  • Comments: show dates with time and hover
  • Group Tags @micahmills @mikeallbutt
  • Dev: add filter for assignable users
  • Fix update needed triggering early
  • Custom fields: dropdown UI has a default empty value.
  • Change the last_modified field to be a date type.
  • Languages: Slovenian and Serbian
  • Fixes

New Website Launch

September 1, 2020

Celebrate with us the launch of Disciple.Tools as an enhanced community resource. Learn WHY we exist and HOW we work and quickly access information about the most frequently asked questions.